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Key Stuck in Ignition??

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I have had my CC Z71 EC for one month now. It has been to the shop three times and only has 550 miles on it. Within the first week, I was driving to the store, put it in park and the key would not turn all the way off(stayed in ACC position). Therefore, I could not remove the key. No matter what I tried, turning the truck on and off again, shifting gears back and forth it would not turn and the key would not come out. I took it in to the shop the next day and they ordered a new shifter for me claiming it was not shifting all the way to park and not allowing it to turn off. The battery later died that week as a result of it being in the ACC position for two days while they were fixing it. Two weeks later, it has happened again(key won't turn all the way off). I will be taking it in to the shop again on Monday and was curious if anyone else has had this problem.
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Here is what we found on the stuck key problem. This fixed my issue.:
Key stuck in the ignition in the "off" position
My 2015 CC did the same thing yours is doing now. The knob in the shifter head that you have to depress when shifting gears is not "popping" all the way forward when you put it in park. That knob must go all the way forward to allow the key to release from the ignition switch. Either the spring inside the head is not strong enough or the cut-outs in the head are not aligning with the shifter. You can take your finger tips and force the knob forward enough to get the key out. At least I could on mine. They replaced the entire shift lever assembly on mine, and I've not had any problems since then. It's a known problem with the Chevy folks, but not bad enough to create a recall. The new shifter assembly they installed has a much stronger spring in the shift button. It goes fully forward now when I put it in park . It seems to be only with some of the ones built on or about Feb/March of 2015. Tell the dealership what happened to mine and what the fix was. Tell them to use their finger tips to force the knob button all the way forward. Just letting it try to do it by itself will not work. That spring loaded shift knob head must go all the way forward to allow the key to be removed. If they did not replace the entire shifting lever assembly the first time, tell them to do so, unless they don't want to fix the problem. Let me know how it turns out.

Mine did the same thing and the dealer replaced the entire shift lever assembly. Here I am a few months later and having the same issue, almost every time I drive it.
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