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Key Stuck in Ignition??

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I have had my CC Z71 EC for one month now. It has been to the shop three times and only has 550 miles on it. Within the first week, I was driving to the store, put it in park and the key would not turn all the way off(stayed in ACC position). Therefore, I could not remove the key. No matter what I tried, turning the truck on and off again, shifting gears back and forth it would not turn and the key would not come out. I took it in to the shop the next day and they ordered a new shifter for me claiming it was not shifting all the way to park and not allowing it to turn off. The battery later died that week as a result of it being in the ACC position for two days while they were fixing it. Two weeks later, it has happened again(key won't turn all the way off). I will be taking it in to the shop again on Monday and was curious if anyone else has had this problem.
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Try turning the steering wheel one way or the other while turning the key. I have noticed that the steering wheel can jam it up a bit sometimes.
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