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Key Stuck in Ignition??

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I have had my CC Z71 EC for one month now. It has been to the shop three times and only has 550 miles on it. Within the first week, I was driving to the store, put it in park and the key would not turn all the way off(stayed in ACC position). Therefore, I could not remove the key. No matter what I tried, turning the truck on and off again, shifting gears back and forth it would not turn and the key would not come out. I took it in to the shop the next day and they ordered a new shifter for me claiming it was not shifting all the way to park and not allowing it to turn off. The battery later died that week as a result of it being in the ACC position for two days while they were fixing it. Two weeks later, it has happened again(key won't turn all the way off). I will be taking it in to the shop again on Monday and was curious if anyone else has had this problem.
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Not in my Colorado, but I have experienced this in my Buick. Could be a faulty solenoid that detects by electrical signal the vehicle is in Park and to release the key. Try this: Apply the brake pedal firmly, ensure vehicle is in Park, and then push the gear shifter knob button in and out repeatedly. Listen for a click sound behind the steering column or under the gear shifter. Gently turn the ignition off and remove the key. If the key won't switch to the off position, the key can be removed by finding a small circular plastic cover beneath the ignition switch. Remove it and then stick a long thin object in, like a pen, to manually release the key. There may be a manual shifter lock release as well on the shifter console.

Edit: the owner's manual indicates this is a shift lock issue, low battery voltage issue, or Ignition Transmission Lock issue
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