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My 2016 Colorado key started sticking in the ignition at about 35000 miles. Reading other posts here I found it was due to the shifter button not fully returning, felt like it was but with a few taps on top of the shifter the ignition lock would allow the key to turn all the way back and be removed. While the tapping did the job I wanted a fix.

I used some MaryKate LiquidRollers sprayed into the shifter above the shifter button. Works great now, just dose not stick anymore.

I have found many used for this stuff, it's an excellent plastic on plastic lubricant. It is marketed to put on boat trailer bunk boards to make it easy to slide the boat off. Many people have unhooked their boats before backing down the ramp after applying Liquid Rollers only to have their boat slide off the trailer and on to the ramp.....this stuff works.

I buy it on Amazon.
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