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2018 Kinetic Blue Ex-Cab ZR2 V6
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I guess I can enter... I really had to dig for pics. I mainly just take pics of the parts. 🤣

Details/Mods: (where do I start? 😂)
  • 2018 Ex-Cab ZR2, V6
  • GFC camper
  • Relentless Front and Rear bumpers
  • ADS Coilovers, comp adjusters, 600# spring, stock height
  • Kibbetech UCA's
  • ADS custom spec rear shocks, 11.5" travel, comp adjusters
  • DIY rear shock relocation towers to accommodate longer shocks
  • OME HD leafpack
  • Timbrens w/ U-bolt flip
  • Dirt King heim steering clevis, custom 5/8" heim misalignments, 5/8" FK heims, 1" 7075 AL shafts, upgraded Raptor steering boot retrofit.
  • 35x10.50R17 Kenda Klever RT
  • The "Big Chop" (as I like to call it) fender cut
  • Alpha Equipt Command wheels, 17x8.5, +20mm
  • EBC Yellow Brake Pads
  • Nitro 4.56 Gears
  • Trifecta Tune
  • 589Fab Skid support
  • DIY 3/16" steel front and engine skid
  • DIY weld-on rock sliders
  • 589Fab Compressor mount
  • ARB Twin Compressor
  • Retrofit Source 4TL-R HID Projector
  • Baja Designs Onx6 30" lightbar
  • Baja Designs Squadron Pro fogs (amber)
  • Baja Designs S2 Sport reverse lights
  • Warn VR EVO 10S winch
  • Factor 55 Flatlink-E
  • Off Highway OEM aux retrofit light switch
  • Wet Okole seat covers
  • TYT TH8600 HAM radio
  • DIY NMO antenna bracket (ultra low pro, ditch bracket style)
  • CravenSpeed stubby antenna
  • IntelliHaul front camera
  • Overland Vehicle Systems 270LT awning
  • Weather Tech floor liners
  • Complete rear seat delete, including back wall panel replaced with AL substrate
  • CLR POWR-Slider powered rear window
  • 20% ceramic tint all around, 50% windshield.
  • DIY Fridge pedestal/mount
  • ARB 50qt fridge
  • Renogy 100AH Lithium aux battery
  • RedArc BCDC1225D charger (only hooked to solar)
  • 2x100w TopSolar Flexible solar panels
  • 1000w inverter
  • DIY 2/3 width bed drawer, 60" HD slides
  • Proper HS2211 Propane Heater
  • Misc camping accoutrements
  • Jesus that took a while.

Can't say I have a specific favorite aspect of the truck. I like that everything is pretty unique with some one-off additions that I designed and made myself. I've dug into a lot of areas on this truck and learned a ton. The whole reason for going to a ZR2 was that it wasn't "just another Tacoma", and I can go one further and say I have the same feeling with not being "just another 'overlander' ZR2". My favorite drives are when I'm hauling the mail in BFE. No one around, just me and the truck, letting the suspension eat the terrain, going way too fast, hearing rocks/gravel pitter pattering against the underside of the truck. Serenity.

One fun memory was doing the Top of the World trail in Moab, completely blind and solo, and proceeding to overtake three Jeeps on 40's.

This truck has taken me to many amazing places and will continue doing so, so long as I am able. I've done a lifetimes worth of work in the short three years I've had it, but I still have more plans to greatly improve it's capability and uniqueness.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

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2018 Kinetic Blue Ex-Cab ZR2 V6
2,373 Posts
I own a 2018 CC ZR2. I'm wondering about the
  • IntelliHaul front camera
My truck has whatever the standard radio that came in a ZR2 is. no cd.
Did you install the camera yourself? If so, did your truck come with all the correct plugs, etc. I'm guess i'm asking if you found the installation plug n play or did you have to make some changes?
It was plug and play. Super easy. Hardest part was fishing the camera leads through the firewall.

Good luck finding one though, I know people were having trouble last year.
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