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2017 Colorado Z71 (51,000 miles)
Full leveled ZR2 suspension swap (minus front locker)​
265/70r17 Falken Wildpeaks​
GoFab winch bumper with Smittybilt 12k winch inside​
Tepui Ayer II on CBI Overland Bars mounted in conjunction with OEM Sports Bar​

This isn't an all inclusive list, but it hits the main mods. This truck has been the perfect size for what I need. Its maneuverability is amazing while still being more than capable. I have taken it on approximately 9000 miles worth of road trips, including Yellowstone, Devil’s Tower, Pikes Peak, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon, and some smaller state parks/national forests here in Illinois. I plan on taking it on a portion of the Trans America Trail later this year.
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