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I was browsing ebay and found quite a few factory stereos for the canyon/colorado that were upgraded to have an aux javk internalized, like this-

They're asking about 125$ for them though, and at that price i'd rather just buy a dam android head unit that has an aux jack already as well as tons of other bells an whistles!

I've seen some guides on wiring an aux jack up using the XM wires on the harness, and i would assume the process is the same however soldering directly to the solder points of the pins inside the radio? Unless there's another way they're doing it...

I have no problem tearing my stereo apart and giving it a go, just wondering if anyone has any info on going about this. I'm pretty good with a soldering iron and i do stuff this quite regularly, so to those who say"why bother just buy a stereo with an aux jack and hook that up", i say because i have the radio already, i can buy an aux port for less than 2$, and i have the tools and the skillset to perform it as well as i am always up for a good challenge >:)
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