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2021 GMC Canyon AT4 Leather
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Hitting bumps and hearing a squeak (not rattles) behind you? Does it drive you nuts looking for the cause or the mouse running around the back seat? Don't look back, look UP! Seems the two headliner clips to the left and right of the dome light never get pushed in at the factory, particular for crew cabs... and the up/down motion of bumps causes the dreaded squeak...

FIX: Sit in the center of the back seat and press your palms up to the left and right of the dome light. You won't need to press very hard, but you'll easily hear/feel the two clips click into place. NO MORE SQUEAK!

Logging roads never sounded so good again... Can't take credit for the fix, there are a handful of others who called this out, simply posting to ensure easy awareness for others!

Request to STICKY this thread. Although it could go into the How-To section, putting here makes it easy to find, especially since it appears to happen to most every Colorado/Canyon for over 6 years!

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