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Infotainment screen bugging out

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Hello all. I have a 2019 3.6L v6 colorado. It is in perfect condition aside from the center entertainment screen keeps “shorting out” for lack of a better term. When the cars not in park and foot is not on the brake, the screen will occasionally start freaking out and black lines go across it and it occasionally goes black and doesn’t work until you turn the truck off and give it some time.
It has been in and out of the dealership for 2 months now. They can’t fix it. They have replaced the coaxle cable, put two need screens in since they computer is showing that the screens have been shorting out as well as 3 software updates. None of this has worked or even made any progress on the problem. They even brought in GM engineers and those guys can’t fix it either.
If anyone has ever experienced something similar please let me know, or if anyone has any idea what could be causing this please reach out as the dealership and I both have no idea what could be the problem.
Since I can’t post a video here, this is a screen shot of the video and what is occurring
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