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I never got around to analyzing how much fuel economy I lost with upsizing from the OEM 255/65/17 Wrangler Adventure to the P265/70/17 Duratrac but it felt like I lost around 1-2mpg. It's hard to say because I use the truck to shuttle mountain bikers up and down mountains and we camp a lot with the rooftop tent and as such my fuel economy numbers fluctuate up and down quite a bit. Looking at it in graph form on Fuelly it makes the changes much easier to see. Have any of you checked out your numbers before and after a significant mod?

I installed an RC 2" leveling kit March 8th 2016. I swapped to the Duratracs in January of 2017 (approx.) and added the RTT in May of 2017 and it stayed on until October 2017.
*The numbers input into Fuelly include the 1.048 multiplier for the difference in revolutions per mile on the larger tires

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