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Just put this up to see how long it would take and this is a general things to do for Colorado's with roll bar and full size bed.

So first off this is a 2-3 drink job so be ready. If your worried about scratch's in the paint I'd also bring 7 long towels to put between tie downs and the paint.

First off read the instruction's and put the rods in their place. Now I put it up on the ground and lifted it up but I'd say that would be better if you had a 2nd person cause I could see scratch happening easy.

OK so I don't know how to put pics right in the post so going from thumbnails left to right.

Once in the bed you will see how it doesn't look right up at the roll bars. What you have to do is Unhook the green bar from the brass hoops and each blue rod from the sleeves at the roll bar. You then want to move the front blue rods and put them on the outside of the roll bar.

Bring the sleeves around the roll bar from the inside and around the roll bar. Put the blue rod ends in their sleeves.

Now the green rod you will have to go over the top rollbar and behind the vertical rollbar and put it in its hoop. It should look like the first thumbnail.

After this its pretty much the same as the instructions.

2nd pic is where I hooked the front strap. It's on the bracket the connects to the rock guards. Oh when unoodling make sure you bring the strap out at the bottom before pulling the strap up. It will scratch the paint cause it's not wide enough to fit between the bed and cab....

3rd pic is the 3 straps that go between the bed and the tailgate.

Last pic they originally had lime green rods but I got a package in the box that said use the dark green ones instead and the dog didn't come with the kit :p

Rest are installed pics


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