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2021 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison
3.6L Gas / Crew Cab / Short Box

Black LED DRL Bar Projector Headlights

>> This is what I did, not necessarily the best or the right way, so follow at your own risk <<<




ZR2 Bison Installation - requires a few different things than other models / trims
  • Remove all upper Grille Torx screws
  • Remove inner fender liner Torx screws (to access inner fender and remove / loosen fender flare)
  • Remove all or front half of the fender flare snap pins
NOTE: ZR2 Bison has one pin that is in the filler at the front and I was unable to "pop" this out and they broke upon removal (plan on replacing a few of these and the front 2 are unique)
  • Place painters quick release tape on the Filler Panel lower edge (black plastic)
  • With inner fender liner out of the way remove the 3 fender to Filler Panel screws (7mm)
  • Remove the single Torx screw from near intersection of the Grille to Filler Panel and Bumper
  • Rotate the filler panel down enough to expose the alignment pins on the outside and reveal the clip that mounts the inside to the grille
NOTE: using a pick depress the middle of the filler panel clip so as not to damage the part or grille
  • Remove Filler Panel
  • Pop the lower Grille snap mount on both sides allowing the Grille to move freely
NOTE: The Grille has more mounts do not try to remove the Grille


  • Unplug the headlight
  • Remove the 2 Headlight assembly upper mounting screws (7mm)
  • Remove the 2 Headlight assembly lower mounting screws (7mm)
  • Carefully remove the headlight assembly (Use some painters tape to protect the Lens and body panels)
NOTE: be patient and with a little rotation and flexing the grille, it will allow the Headlight assembly to pass


The Passenger Side is nearly the same process with a few added steps to remove unique panels on inside of the engine compartment
NOTE: only half of the fender was loosened on this side as that is all that is needed


Replace OE assemblies with bulbs and plug in before installing completely and check all lighting functionality.

Reverse removal process and enjoy

Finished look of the assemblies installed




>> This is what I did, not necessarily the best or the right way, so follow at your own risk <<<


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How's the light output?

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Looks great!! Something Ive wanted to do to my truck for some time now, but i hate that they all change the bulbs....I wish one of the head lights companies would use the same size bulbs
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