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Has anyone done 2” strut spacer and 1” lift blocks?

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Has anyone on here done the 2” strut spacer in the front and put in a 1” lift block in the rear? Just wondering what it would look like before I order the blocks! The truck looks level with the 2” up front but now with a small gap in the rear wheel well it looks squatted a bit.
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I did 2.5 strut spacer and 1" rear blocks. Looks great with just a slight rake. However, if you tow heavy trailers, you'll want to go back to stock rake, so figure 2" blocks in the rear. When I hooked up to my travel trailer after the lift, the rear squatted lower than the front. Also creates a safety issue by shifting weight off of the front tires while towing. I'll be going to a two inch rear block at some point.


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same here 2.5/1 i think its perfect, small rake.
I just ordered a 2" front and 1.5 rear to go with my new wheel and tire combo, my bed is hardly ever empty, but I also like some rake.
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