This thread is acting as the official group buy thread for the Huracan Fab Tailgate Storage.

I've spoken with with folks at Huracan Fab, and they could do a 20% discount if we get a minimum of 20 people on the group buy.

For now, just post below if you would be interested in the group buy and if we start to gather interest and hit the 20 people, we can go from there. Currently, many folks interest hinges on an installation video that I am working on. It will be posted to this thread soon and then we can work on the final count to continue the group buy.

These units are manufactured in Australia, and then shipped to the U.S. hence the price tag of the units.

Here is a link to the unit below:

And here is a thread discussing it.

And here is my install video:

MEMBERS WITH 100% Interest - Buying For Sure
1. @jso902 In for sure
2. @Z7117 In for sure
3. @hoooogan In for sure
4. @Rhobz In for sure
5. @Bonzadelic In for sure
6. @slowpoke94133 In for sure
7. @Alex Tivy In for sure
8. @Bokbfok In for sure
9. @ZR2 2021 Diesel 416 In for sure
10. @His Dudeness In for sure
11. @Bungee King In for sure

1. @Auditech
2. @Raptor22
3. @Ronumhard
4. @goofy310
5. @Office5280
7. @Ed_Llorca
8. @Jpmartin1969
9. @Nathan Wolf
10. @RJorge1950