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Front Differential Information

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Been looking around all over here and the internet trying to figure out what front differentials are in our non-zr2 trucks. Trying to find spline count and actual model of the front differential. Looking to do some sort of locker, but just want to see what else is out there for our trucks aside from the ZR2 conversion. Please give me some of your knowledge!
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On Rock auto .com, it lists Genuine GM AC Delco parts for ZR2 diesel & non ZR2. Part #'s are different. Must be different for a reason. ZR2 # 84275040 & 84208836. Non - ZR2 # 84275039.

Dana 32 front, I think ?
Dana 46 rear, I think ?

Spline count on front cv shafts, Inner: 39 spline. Outer: 37 spline.

Not sure if this info is for ZR2 diesel only or all Colorado's.
Dana 32 / M200, 7.25" R&P
Don't know what that means, its notes I took when the info appeared
Spline count on front cv shafts, Inner: 39 spline. Outer: 37 spline.
39 & 37 spline = Pretty impressive.

Dana 32 / M200, 7.25" R&P
7.25" R&P = Not impressive
I would call Dana, 589 Fab and ARB to see what works.
This is interesting:
"My understanding is they are a new generation Dana/spicer axle. The front is a Dana M200 (200mm ring gear diameter). The rear axle on the ZR2 and non-zr2 V6/diesel trucks is the Dana M220(220mm ring gear diameter), while the 2.5l 4cylinder trucks get a M210 rear axle. That is why the 4.10 gears from a 4 cylinder truck won't swap into the ZR2. Nitro Gear is calling them a Dana 32 and a Dana 46. You will also notice the new JL wrangler shares some of these axles, which might bring some aftermarket support for us.
I would compare the front axle to a Dana 30 and the rear to a Dana 44."(ZR2)
200mm = 7.87in
220mm = 8.66in

in case someone asks.

Not bad for rear gear size, imo.
Also, something to remember is: the weakest link. It is MUCH CHEAPER to replace a cv axle shaft than the differential/housing/ring & pinion gears.

I think I am genetically predisposed to make things more heavy duty, yup, I think it's in my DNA. Lol But with a Colorado, I have to keep reminding myself that while RCV front cv axles would be bulletproof, it just changes the weakest link from a relatively cheap, trailside fix (providing you have the part & tools & knowledge), to a stranded on the trail, need to be towed off type of situation with a heavy cost. Not to mention if you crack the housing, gear oil could leak out on the trail.
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