I have a set of OEM front struts and rear shocks taken off my 2019 GMC Canyon around 30,000 miles. Nothing wrong with them, just upgraded to Bilstein's all around.

I also have a set of OEM front struts, without any of the spring mounting hardware. These came off a truck with 500 miles on them. I used the springs and mounting hardware to assemble Bilstein 5100's and then swapped them into my truck. See prices below. Shipping will be based on your location, these are quite heavy items, so we will work out shipping costs later.

Located near Charlotte, NC.

Pair OEM front struts (with springs) - $100 (obo)
Pair OEM rear shocks - $50 (obo)
Pair OEM front struts (w/o springs) - $40 (these also have the spacer to "fix" front lean, see in photo)

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