Since I had to trade in my truck I decided to remove my sub. I would like to sell as a package. Asking $700 OBO for everything. Negotiable!

Package includes:
1 x JL 10W6V3 (currently these are selling for $750 - $800)
1 x JL JX500/1D (currently these are selling for $310)
1 x custom enclosure (priceless)

This is a hard hitting, superb sounding setup. I built the box out of 5/8" Birch plywood. It is 100% sealed and fiberglass lined on the inside. It was specifically built for an extended cab truck. The upholstery matches the black and gray interior perfectly. The upholstery was professionally done. It is not 100% perfect, but looks outstanding from 4' away.

I live in Baton Rouge. Would like to arrange local pickup because the sub with enclosure weighs about 40lbs.

If interested PM/DM me or call or text two two five two seven six three seven seven six.

See pics below.