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Need more info
what color White or yellow? Yellow can cut the fog better and not give you snow blindness
use for foggy days, or everyday use?

Any fog light installed using the OEM switch will need the BCM programmed
If you are going to put in a seperate switch with relay, then no bcm programming needed

some people use fogs and put super bright bulbs in them, and use them for trail running or driving down the street

oh, welcome tothe forum, nice looking black truck

here are a few threads on fog lights

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I have a 2019 WT I bought off the lot and added the factory fog lights. I installed everything, but dealer needed to reflash BCM. Since I bought truck there, they gave me a break on that cost.

My only complaint, and maybe I am OCD, is they could not get dash indicator to work. Other people on this forum have the indicator. Not sure if they messed something up, but no one has been able to help me yet.

There is a nice switch solution, but only comes with Canyon fog light kit

I use the lights always since they are a good supplement for the headlights. There is also a Harness available that turns them on with headlights, no switch needed.

Nice truck, enjoy it!

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