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Hi all,

I have been a lurker for a long time now, but I wanted to do a quick write up on my first long road trip with my truck.

1st: the truck is a 2017 ccsb z71 4x4 diesel that I bought used in July of this year. Currently I am sitting just under 17k miles.

The trip was from the Atlanta area to Slidell LA to visit my wife's family for Thanksgiving. Overall trip was was 1072 miles.

We left on Wednesday around 3pm (big mistake), so it took us over 4 hours to get to Montgomery which is normal a little over 2 hours. Even with all of the stop and go traffic, my average for the trip was just over 28mpg. Please take into consideration that I am not light footed. Also, this includes city driving while visiting family, and I left the truck idling while at rest areas and quick stops for restroom breaks.

This thing is QUIET. Running down the interstate at 77 mpg with cruise, my wife and I could carry on a conversation with her brother sitting in the back seat no problem. Speaking of my brother in law in the back seat, he said it was "ok" when asked about comfort. He is about 5'10". My wife is short, so he sat behind her. It is a little straight up in the back, but he said it was better than driving himself.. so I guess it was fine.

I love diesels for highway cruising. No matter the grade, she just spoiled up and held speed. The truck never downshifted to 5th, even when passing.

My wife made the comment about the stiff ride. In her defense, she is use to her Kia Sorento that soaks up every bump. For me, it rode like a dream. It wasn't a complaint, just an observation.

The dreaded ecm rattle struck on this trip. It started to happen as soon as we got into bumper to bumper traffic in Atlanta. It only happened at idle in drive. Once we hit the highway, it went away. I stopped when I could and made a shim out of business cards (all I had). This fixed it for the trip. :smile2:

The other issue that I noticed is a growl when turning at slow speeds. Not sure what this is yet, but I will be taking it to the dealer when I get a chance. If anyone has noticed this, please let me know if you know what it is.

Overall, I love this truck. It towed our 19ft boat great, gets great mileage, and is an awesome road trip vehicle. It's gotten me to hard to reach fishing spots, taking me around a friend's hunting camp, then drove me to work the next day. It has served very well hauling dirt for the yard and home depot runs for projects around the house. I think this is the perfect truck for people not needing a full size. Hell, I parked next to my wife's uncle's older f-150, and the Colorado was nearly the same size.

Anyway, just wanted to share my feedback on this awesome truck. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
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