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sharing for those who think about doing this in the future or drilling for an rack

finally installed my fab four 48" uni fit roof rack
- 3 50" bars
- 4 2x2" squares

-measure 5 times, drill one time - 5 hour install roughly after mounting

HK7 Klein train horn w/ blastmaster kit

-instructions super confusing if you get the blastmaster kit, trial and error with the wiring and set up for finding where to place the 3 horns, compressor, and 3 gallon tank.
- compressor switch so i wasn't constantly running it on dirt/mountain roads/snow areas when it could possibly clog filter
- all in all - 4 hour mount time with custom brackets for tank and about 6 hours wiring
- there isnt a fire wall so i followed the horn wiring to where the hood release was - this took alot of time thinking of how to
- tank went above spare w/ one horn, other tow horns went closer to bumper tucked up
- compressor higher than tank on the cross member with air filter placed high in bed rail near wheel well so avoiding dust more

and than custom made dash board that fit snug with rocker duel light switches
-hours of hours on trying to find the right fit on that dang center pieces shape, pipe cleaning straws prevailed with measuring a good template to base the leather/plywood mold



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