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Engine Rattling When Warmed Up - 2007 Colorado 2.9L 5 spd; 95k Miles

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Hey All,

Recently, I noticed that my 2007 2.9L 5 spd Chevy Colorado had started to lose some power and fuel economy. Check Engine light came on and is throwing a P0017 code (no other code thrown). The truck was not demonstrating any other problems at all - no rattle, stalling, rpm issues, etc. I am really hoping that it's anything but the timing chain. Checked the Actuator Solenoid and it's looking good so I don't think that's the problem. Oil was still good, but replaced it anyway. I took it in to a shop and they felt confident it was the Crankshaft Sensor since it sounds like a timing chain problem generally throws more than just the P0017 code.

Replaced the sensor and saw an immediate boost in power and fuel economy but the code came right back. I had to take a 300 mile trip last weekend and when I got back, there was a definite rattle coming from the block when I parked and was able to listen. Right now, you only hear it when the engine is at its normal operating temp and when it's cool, I'm not noticing a rattle.

Throughout all of this, there has been no drop in performance or fuel economy and none of the other signs I've been told to look for (i.e. stalling, rpm issues) since the sensor was replaced, but that P0017 code is still there. I got quoted $3k to have someone get in and replace the timing chain, but obviously I'd rather not if I don't have to. Unfortunately, that is outside of my realm of expertise as a DIY.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to what else may be going on that I could be able to look into before biting the proverbial bullet?

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if you have time google "coloradofans p0017" or "355nation p0017", lots of good reading. others have gone years with the code with no issues other than the engine light on the dash, but am unsure if its the start rattle or constant noise.
i've been dealing with a start up rattle since 23k miles and tried numerous brands of oils/oil filters/additives. what i have noticed is the thinner the oil, the less the noise. I ended up using Pennzoil Platinum 5w-30, its one of the thinnest 5w oils. so far it has been great until last month at 95k miles, I switched to Shell Rotella with 6oz of Lubegard and now I have constant audible noise at idle and what sounds like timing chain slapping the guide or cover. :( . switched back to Pennzoil, but it didn't help. Luckly no p0017 code ... yet.

what oil and filter are you using?
Mine started with an 0017 code and nothing else. It was still under warranty at the time, so I took it in to the dealership, and they started with the sensors. Then went to the timing chain tensioner. Then replaced the timing chain. That solved it, briefly.
Then, about 10,000 km later, it did it again, same story. I notice it rattles more when it's less than full of oil.
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