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My two cents;

After you get some miles on the trailer adjust your brakes. I assume they are drum brakes and though the axle factory sets them to certain tolerance I find there is always at least one brake drum adjustment way off. Also if the bearings are of EZ Lube type I recommend not using it, but instead grease wheel bearings by hand. EZ Lube has a tendency to push grease past seals allowing grease to get into brakes.

Also; play around with setting your brake controller. Your sweet spot is the trailer not pulling or pushing the tow vehicle when stopping, but rather both stop as one unit. I find getting on dirt road and setting the controller to where the trailer brakes lock up will be perfect for pavement or at least a good starting point. My tow / trailer combination started at 6 and found 3.5 on the factory brake controller to be the sweet spot.

If you have not done so re-torque trailer lug nuts.

Buy Infrared temp gauge, I always use it at stops to check temperature at wheel hub. It will give you early warning of bearings going out long before they do.

Happy Trails.
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