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Dog Friendly Short-Box Canopy. Recommendations?

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Hey all,

I have a short-box Colorado and am looking for a dog-friendly canopy so that my Bernese Mountain Dog ride in the bed. The want is two-fold: One, he's getting two old to jump in the backseat anymore and I'm not able to lift him at 140lbs. Two, during summer road trips I want to safely leave him in the truck while getting groceries, etc. and am looking for a canopy with large openable windows with screens or grates so I can keep him from getting too hot while also being secure in the truck.

The Leer 100R has the largest opening side windows I've seen at 50/50 but not sure if that's enough air flow on a hot day even if I plugged a fan into the bed for him. Hoping for something with larger opening windows or roof pop-ups but having a crazy hard time finding anything like this. Do any dog owners have any recommendations?

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Bump because I am searching for the same answer! Looking for good suggestions on covers for dogs.

You may of found a solution tim, but another thing I found is this for my 2 large mixed breeds in the back. (have no used but am looking into)

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