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DIY Bed Rack! Detailed video

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Whats up guys. So i decided to make my own bed rack. Feels good to build into the truck rather than throw a bunch of money at it. Also im too broke to throw money at it 馃槀. Just figured id share the way i did it just in case anyone else out there is looking to do the same! Hope it helps 馃馃徑

Also i forgot to take some better pics during the day but here are some pics and the video.

Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Plant Hood

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Automotive tire Tire Wood Bumper Sky

Tire Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle Car

Car Hood Vehicle Automotive tire Bumper

Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Hood Automotive tail & brake light

Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood Automotive tire

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Automotive tail & brake light Car Vehicle Sky Automotive lighting
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Uni-strut is some handy sh!t. Nice job.
Very creative and looks great. Nice weld, by the way.
Very nice, indeed. (y)
Wish I could weld like that.
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