Selling a Decked Drawer storage combo with CargoGlide. The CargoGlide is a specific version for the Decked Drawers. They are securely bolted together and can handle 1000lbs of weight on top. I am not selling the Refrigerator or the slide for the refrigerator in the picture.

Here is the link to the Decked website of the same setup. The price on their website does not include Decked drawer system CargoGlide - Drawer System Compatible. Here is link to drawers DECKED Drawer System Chevy Colorado. I am selling both together.

  • 1 Crossbox Tan
  • 1 D-Box Blue
  • Organizer tub for the larger drawer
  • 2 dividers for large drawer
  • 2 dividers for the smaller drawer
  • Added locks to both drawers
  • Both drawers have added drain plug so can hold ice/water and can be drained
  • CargoGlide CG1000. Can extend 70%.
  • Including brand new support legs when CargoGlide extended to make a great workbench or table for heavy items
  • Tie down rings for cargo glide
  • Tie down plates for cargo glide for external

This is a great setup for someone who works out in the field that need organization for tools. Also the setup makes it so you don't have to crawl into your bed to get items. This is also a great setup for Camping and Overlanding to organize all the equipment. There is no damage on any of these items. The only thing is that I did drill 4 holes to mount the fridge slide into the CargoSlide.

I would like to sell this together since the CargoGlide is bolted into the Decked Drawer.