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Crazy Spotify - Infotainment Center / Carplay

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Just wanted to share in case anyone else out there had this issue.. Or maybe my Issue is still an issue and ive just Bandaided it?

Using Spotify app via the Infotainment center sounds 10x better than using it from Carplay. But my problem was that if I had my phone plugged in to use carplay, it would fight between the Spotify App on my phone and the one on the Infotainment Center. I finally had to remove the Spotify App from my phone. Once I did that everything works as expected.

Not sure why the sound difference, but one thing i did think of is maybe on my phone i had it set to auto quality on cellular. Whereas the in truck app maybe already by default set to best quality.

Anyways thought id share in case anyone else ever had issues with spotify on the phone via car play fighting the in truck app.
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