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Calling All Brownstone Owners

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Alright so every other color seems to be doing it, so no reason we shouldnt be showing off the best color. The more mods the better, I want to see how options and accessories look on this color, and I am sure most others will as well.


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Very well said. I don't understand his motives either on this thread and other threads. If you have a problem, take it to the dealer, that's why it has warranty.

Sticking with what you know and what you are comfortable with is basic instinct. Just because others don't have that sense of trust with GM gives them no right to berate those of us who do.

Anyway, let's see more Brown!
Way to go. Something was not right there. I didn't want to argue because this site already banned me once years ago. But I was lurking and noticing that those were not normal complaints. Like a spy or a spammer. Maybe Toyota or someone having fun, not. Anyhow, move on. Thanks. PICS PLEASE, I am waiting for my new truck.
I bought my trucko online from another dealer far, far away. I knew I was getting Deepwoods green. But I was confoosed, thinking the Brownstone was DWG.
So, I got DWG. I'm happy with it but the metallic flake glitter reminds me too much of a dune buggy or bass boat gelcoat. I would be much happier with Brownstone if I knew what I was doing. I really like the way Brownstone will have so many hues in different light. Half the time looking olive drab.
I was confoosed a lot in the 1970's. >:) It happens
Next week will be the 2 delivery anniversary. Currently just turned 24K, so 6K behind my 15 ext. cab mileage at trade.
Then and now. (list in garage)

It looks great! I remember looking at your red extended cab Z71 Colorado before I got mine. Thanks again for the photos.
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Am I your spawn?:grin2:
I never had sex with any girl in Antarctica!!! I would remember that. >:)
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