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Calling All Brownstone Owners

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Alright so every other color seems to be doing it, so no reason we shouldnt be showing off the best color. The more mods the better, I want to see how options and accessories look on this color, and I am sure most others will as well.


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. Denver drivers suck
Is it the pot?
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I bought my trucko online from another dealer far, far away. I knew I was getting Deepwoods green. But I was confoosed, thinking the Brownstone was DWG.
So, I got DWG. I'm happy with it but the metallic flake glitter reminds me too much of a dune buggy or bass boat gelcoat. I would be much happier with Brownstone if I knew what I was doing. I really like the way Brownstone will have so many hues in different light. Half the time looking olive drab.
I was confoosed a lot in the 1970's. >:) It happens
Am I your spawn?:grin2:
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Will be an ex-Brownstone owner tomorrow. Mainly due to multiple transmission problems and reoccurrances and just sick of it. Especially bummed because of the mods I've done to it. Oh well, wil start over and have some fresh ideas. I still love the Brownstone. New one is a 2020, same set up, crew cab long box V6, Satin Silver.
Dang! That's too bad dude!
Question, was your 17's engine an LFX or LGZ?
I really would love an LGZ Brownie.
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