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Today I noticed that all my brake lights were staying on after I shut off the truck. This is my second GMC Canyon (first was an '04 standard cab 4x4 SLE-Z71 3.5L) and now I have a 2009 crew cab 4x4 SLE-Z71 3.7L. I am well aware of the brake light switch issue (fixed it on my '04) but when I investigated, the switch was fine. The white plastic hexagon retaining clip had broken and it would not hold the switch in place.

The cruise control switch retainer seemed to be the exact same part and I plugged the brake switch into it. It snapped right in like it belonged there. I am hoping this will limp me along until I can buy a new retaining clip. I will be careful NOT to use cruise until I have the retainer clip fixed and that cancel-sensor replaced.

I looked all over the place for a part number for the brake light retainer and all I came up with was GM# 10418917. That seems to be a fairly universal part for all sorts of GM applications, including the cruise sensor retaining clip. However, nowhere does it mention that it is the part for the brake sensor. Is this the exact same part for the brake light switch retainer?

Thank you
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