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Bilstein 4600 or 5100 for stock Z71 package on 31" tires

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Ok guys ive read a bunch of threads but still have some questions regarding my specific basic application. ( most yall asking bout shocks on lifted trucks )

So my truck is stock hieght Canyon off road package ( same as z71?) It has the 17" rims and 31" tires. Truck only has 33k miles on it. Im considering replacing the shocks with either the 4600 or 5100 bilsteins my questions are...

1) are the off-road package (z-71) canyons stock shocks already bilsteins? This seems to come up in a bunch of threads. Some people say they are and some people say they aren't.

2) given that the truck only has 33k miles on it and the stock shocks are most likely fine, will it be worth while to upgrade the shocks now knowing that i will be taking the truck down some trails in the near future (also still using as daily)

3) i think id like to put the 5100 on and use them to level out the truck or preferably use them to give the truck a 1" lift. Im not looking to go big or get bigger tires as of yet so im keeping it at the stock height or just the 1" lift preferably, while keeping the 31" tires. My question is will the 5100 be to long a shock for this height of a truck? Are the 5100s to heavy duty for this specific truck? Would the 4600 be a better fit?

4) if i raise the front 1" via the 5100 shocks should i be adding a leaf spring in the back? Ill most likely be adding a camper shell with roof top tent or bed rails with roof tent so there will be that weight to consider. Also would like the capability to tow a small camper or boat in the future.

5) i dont own my own shop or a bunch of tools so this is most likely a install ill have my mechanic do. If i add the bilsteins and adjust to 1 inch lift are there any other things i should consider to do this properly.

Thanks to you guys who took the time to read this and hopefully have some good advice. :)
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