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Any tonneau covers work with 2019 Z71 rollbar?

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So I have a 2019 Chevy Colorado Z 71 long bed. I want to put a hard Tonnele cover on it however I also want to keep my stock Colorado roll bar. Are there any covers either retractable or flip that will still work on the inside edge of the bed top allowing for the raw bar to stay on? Has anybody done this yet?
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there are a couple roll up's that will work, but no flips and no idea about retractables
Truxedo Sentry CT roll-up

roll -n-lock or retrax might have one

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I know you said hard cover but I had a soft roll-up Gator tonneau cover and it mounted on the inside of the bed rather than on top of it, which should clear the area where the roll bar mounts.
The Truxedo that I mentioned has slates going across to make it more secure then just a vynil cover, keeps the honest guys out, has a load rating of 400lbs, grandson "dances" on it
I have a canister roll up hard cover on my truck with my sportbar, I had to modify it a little to fit, but it works. I have a GatorTrax MX
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