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Accessory belt / pulley chirp - 2006 3.5l Colorado

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2006 3.5l Colorado. Replaced a squeaky serpentine belt and a new sound emerged. Here's a video:

The squeak sounds awfully dry/bad — but when I started it up this morning (about 15F colder than when I filmed) the sound didn't appear.

Thinking it might be a pulley bearing going bad?

Belt tension felt OK I think - was able to turn it about 70-80 deg. Seems aligned on pulleys fine. But I did notice the tensioner pulley had a slight bounce when I first installed the new serpentine belt... don't notice it as much now.
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Had a local shop take a look and they thought it was the tensioner pulley. I don't think it's ever been changed and I'm at ~116,000mi. So, swapped it out, and voila — no more squeak :)
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