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2015 Colorado WT, extended cab.

Just bought the above vehicle. The power seat (driver side only...passenger is manual) does not work.

Pursuing the subject via Google, it would seem that power seat adjustment is not all that uncommon, but expensive and elusive to find the fix.

That brings me to the following conclusion: It seems logical to me that there are only three or four possibilities for causing the power seat adjustment to fail. 1. Blown fuse (unlikely...fuses do not usually blow for no reason at all.). 2. Wire unplugged. 3. Faulty adjustment motor(s). 4. Failed adjustment switch.

Given that, it would seem to be a good idea if one could post a poll 0n this site by which persons who have had power seat failure could id the found cause and pass that information on to others (via poll), so that the most likely cause could be quantified and the possible cause of the problem could be addressed relative to its most likely cause, or at least indicate the best place to start.
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