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Probably should replace the broken brake light bulb while you’re there. I’m assuming you saw that already but just in case you hadn’t.
This is a huge reason why I change to LED's, but the funny thing is, I had an F150 that would disable cruise control because it thought a bulb was out due to the lower voltage. Solved with the regulator or whatever it was called, but seriously... ford.... that was your solution to letting a driver know a bulb was out? smdh. Too complicated to put a lightbulb indicator in the dash or something... just disable a feature and make you wonder how screwed your electronics are.

Housings like these melt very easily due to the heat on traditional bulbs then fuse around the bulb itself.

For a simple fix though, you can just get any old kind of foam sealer to keep the moisture out. Make sure it's not too thick and not too thin. Also a good time to clean out the housing. It's always satisfying putting something back together like this and making it all nice and new, or with LED's, better than new.
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