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I expect to be installing my other rims/tires in the next few days and am selling the original SLT 18" rims that came on my 2015 Canyon.

The tires have 39,000KM on them so plenty of life left. I can measure the tread depth if anyone is curious but it's probably around 8/32" if it matters. I expect people aren't terribly interested in OEM Goodyear tires.

The wheels come as you see them with the tires on, TPMS sensors in place and centre caps.

I'm in Toronto and have them on Kijiji for CAD$650. CAD$550 for ColoradoFans members.

They're like new. No curb rash (would be some pretty tall curbs!) or any other issues. They're polished aluminum so no paint to scratch!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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