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I would like to change my front black grill emblem to the gold emblem. It seems like they can be removed and replaced. Has anyone swapped the front grill bow tie emblems?


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usually if OEM on e-bay they will have the part number, sometimes
here are some links on how to change it out

How to change the 2021-22 Z71 Grille Emblem › threads › how-to-chan...

Dec 24, 2022 — I started by removing the 6 T15 screws that hold the bumper grille to the radiator core support and very carefully pulling the grille back.
front emblem removal - PICS | Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon
Nov 19, 2006
z71 badge in grill | Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon
Jul 2, 2021
Z71 grill badge | Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon
Mar 19, 2022
22 midnight edition z71 emblem - Colorado Fans
Dec 19, 2022
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You can see him stick his hand through the emblem at 0:50!
Some one eventually will come up with a way to change the color of that.
Yea now I know what you mean by "flow through". Not sure if it was that video or another where they mentioned it was a design for the Camaro I think to allow air to flow through.
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