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2018 Colorado CCLB Z71 in Silver Ice Metallic
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I don't think you'll need to do any of that with stock wheels, but it looks pretty quick and easy if you do.
You were right my friend. The Eibach kit is awesome and I was able to stay at 2" front lift and fit my 265/70/17 tires with zero rubbing. Keep the updates coming!

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It's been too cold to get out and do anything fun on the truck, but there are still projects in the works! Been working on my custom designed RTT to throw over the bed. I had hoped to get it done in time to use this ski season, but I'm dragging my feet on the fabric work and never came up with a great insulation plan anyways. I've got yards of rip-stop ready and some old bedsheets to practice with but I'm not confident in my measurements or my skills. I'll post a full breakdown whenever I get around to finishing it, but in the mean time here's a sneak preview of the platform all folded up with the foam mattress inside.


The other, far more important mod is the addition of an on-board navigator...


I pick him up on Thursday and am sorting out exactly how he's gonna ride with me. Right now I'm leaning towards the back seat with one of those hammock style covers but am open to suggestions! Also planning to remove the black Chevy emblem from the tailgate and already have a forum member to send it to when it's off, but I need it to be just a touch warmer so I can wash the rig before I remove it.

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This whole thread is liable to be slow and wordy, because I can be both, but I wanted to journal the evolution of my rig for myself more than anything. I've never done anything more than change the oil on a vehicle before, so this has already been a rewarding experience identifying things I'd like to do and making my first mods. Always happy to hear advice or suggestions. :)

I've got a few goals with it:
1) Keep it useful as a daily driver. This is my only vehicle and I have no garage, so that means most things are chosen to either remain on permanently or be removed in minutes by myself and lugged up the stairs to my 3rd floor apartment.
2) Make it capable of handling light offroading, forest service roads, river banks, etc. Potentially more but that's where we're starting. Camping, hiking, canoeing, scrambling... this is my vessel to the outdoors.
3) Remain tow capable! I move more often than I like, and towing a large UHaul was how I justified the purchase to myself.

1/18/20 | Signed the papers, took her home
Pacific Blue 2020 CCSB Z71 3.6L V6 4x4, bought used with 2k miles on the odometer. Leather seats, Bose audio, black bowties, and spray-in bed liner.

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Current update:
9/29/2020 | Suspension and wheels finally all worked out!

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Front: 2" Eibach RHA struts (Pro Truck leveling kit)
Rear: 1.5" Peak Suspension add-a-leaf w/Eibach Pro Truck rear shocks
Wheels/Tires: Falken Wildpeak AT3W 265/70r17 SLs on Method 701 17x8.5 et0 6x120s

ZR2 Sliders
OEM Non-ZR2 skid plates
Datinfab shock skids
Air-dam delete
RokBlokz mud flaps
Pace Edwards UltraGroove tonneau w/Thule crossbars
Rhino Rack Vortex Aero 2500 roof rack
CravenSpeed Stubby Jr. antenna
Homemade rooftop awning

Datin Fabrication molle Panels
President Andy CB Radio w/Firestik 4' Antenna
RedHound Auto Sill Protectors

Thanks to all of you out there with your own awesome rigs for the ideas, inspiration, and help.
Looks fantastic
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