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2018 Front fender outward dings

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I’m new here so I apologize if this has already been discussed and I searched but couldn’t find any threads.

On both of my front fenders on both sides the plastic inner fender supports that are foam/bonded to the metal fender are causing outward “dings” and looks horrible. I just noticed these today and they were never there before and must be slowly appearing. No off roading, no hard hit potholes or wrecks or any abuse, this truck is babied. Anybody else with these issues? Any fix?
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It has been reported before on new trucks. We assumed it was during the build.

Generally the dealers do paint less dent repair and no one has reported a return.

Now some on the rear wheel whelks have had stones get over the fender liner and dent out. Rare but it has happened.
Ok, thanks for the reply. These definitely were not there when I bought the truck. I bought it last year as a leftover model but they definitely were not present then and wasn’t even there as far as just recently, they are new.
I've got a very unnoticeable outward ding/bulge on my front fenders on my '19 Canyon. You really have to look to find it. I off road quite a bit and have some rock chips in various spots. I love my blue paint, but have come to settle that this is a truck. Not a showpiece. I'd love to not have orange peel texture and a multistage paint job, but it is a stock paint job.
Thanks, I get it but no off-roading here, just regular street driving. I bought this truck for my son as a college gift for all of his hard work in grades and baseball and wanted to reward him with something that will hold its resale value and get him around in bad weather safely and out of nowhere appear these outward dings that will obviously get worse and devalue the truck due to inadequate installed fender supports. I understand these are light duty trucks but still.. I’m just trying to figure out if this is a popular issue or not.
I switched from Ford to Chevy due to several issues I’ve had over the years due to “stupid stuff that shouldn’t happen” and yes this is minor but wasn’t expecting stuff like this to happen within the first 5000mi. I’ve had my share of “fun” trucks and off roading.
I love my 2500 Denali btw..
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