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I'm wondering if anyone else has or had this symptom or if anyone has any recommendations on what it might be..

Truck is a 2017 Canyon with the 3.6 LGZ/8 speed auto transmission (4x4 crew cab long box), only 3500 miles on the truck.

Ever since I have had it, I have noticed that sometimes the shift from 1st to 2nd comes with a definitive clunk noise and feel. I say sometimes as it appears to only happen if the shift from 1st to 2nd happens when I'm not accelerating.. so going down a hill with gravity.

I park in a parking garage for work so I basically feel this every day when I pull out from the parked spot and start getting pulled down the parking garage floor slopes with gravity. The first shift there's always a clunk; if I have the windows open I can clearly hear it outside coming from underneath.

What are your thoughts on this? I don't necessarily think its the transmission but I don't know that for sure.. it doesn't seem to happen at all under normal acceleration. I'm thinking maybe the universal but not sure on that either as it appears to be fine other times..

I will definitely be mentioning it to the dealer, hopefully they don't have a hard time reproducing it exactly..

P.S. - Ever since I have had the truck (since new 1 month ago), it has had a severe leak from the front differential, the dealer ordered a seal which took a month to come in! They will be replacing the front dif seal soon, no idea how much fluid has leaked out in this time but it's clearly wet underneath..
I think that what you are feeling is just the slack in the drivetrain under specific, certain conditions, like the one you describe.....Its shifting at the exact moment you take all the load off the truck when you start down the hill. But with that being said it could be something wrong. Sure wouldn't hurt to get it wrote up in case it needs something later on. And have a good look over too....

on the leak, if it is that bad you shouldn't be driving it. They might be replacing the whole diff soon. I guess that could be your clunk noise too, running it around low on oil isn't good.
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