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I read some threads on here while I was shopping for a new diesel, so I thought a post might help some other folks.
I couldn't get the factory running boards on my truck in time to make the purchase, so I ordered iBoards. I think they are fantastic.
I also removed the air dam which took a little over an hour. It's a much better appearance in my opinion, and the extra clearance might come in handy. Next, off to the alignment shop for a leveling kit.
Notes on the air dam removal:
I removed the air dam from with the front fascia intact. It's easy enough if you put lift the truck and rest it on jack stands. There are screws behind the tow hooks that were challenging. My technique for removing those were to loop my finger through the tow hook opening to hold a 1/4" shanked T15 in the screw head, and a 1/4" box wrench to turn the screw was effective, albeit slow.


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