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2016 Canyon

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Aloha! 馃馃徏

Here's my 16 canyon!
2.75 level, running 16x8 rock crushers wrapping in 33s. Custom all clear tails and all clear headlights. T-Rex billet grill. and a roof spoiler.

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Ladies and gentlemen, pens and paper so you may take notes. This will be on your test.

@thrillissues leads by example and sets the standard :cool:
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Those rims look great on your truck. Welcome to the forum.
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Welcome Aboard
Nicely Upgraded/Modified 2016 Canyon
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Welcome to the site!
Very impressive truck, some unusual mods, reminds me of the old school trucks from the 80s and 90s when black and chrome was popular!
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Are you running adapters for the rims or different hubs or custom drilled rims? When I was looking at rims a couple of years back, I looked high and low for some classic bullet hole styled rims with absolutely no luck for our bolt pattern.
Hello @thrillissues

Thanks for joining in and introducing yourself.

We appreciate all the photos you shared, that is a great looking truck and we are digging the tire and wheel package you are running!
Nice looking truck, remonds me of my last Canyon,
Black , lifted with chrome trim and wheels, turned heads where ever it was.
Welcome! Gorgeous truck, stunning photos and enviable location.
looks good, whats the details on the thrid brake light spoiler? Id like to get something like that....
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