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2016 Canyon 2.5L Check Engine Light - P2635

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Hi all,

From PEI, Canada here, I've got a Base model 2016 Canyon 2.5L RWD extended cab, bone stock, no modifications. Dead on 100k km (60k miles) that threw a check engine light about a month ago. Picked up a cheap OBDII and got a P2635 code. Fuel Pump A Low Flow/Performance.

Sounds like the computer is getting a different reading than expected for fuel pressure.

The truck still starts fine, generally runs normally aside from a bit of a shudder from time to time at idle when in gear stopped at a stop light, and I've noticed my fuel mileage is worse than I'm used to. Through the summer I normally got around 23-24 US MPG, now I'm getting around 19 MPG.

I took the attached freeze frame info from the reader but I really don't know what they mean.

I'm fairly mechanically inclined, do my own maintenance, brakes, oil, tire changes, etc and I'm rebuilding a snowmobile as well, so replacing the fuel pump isn't scary, HOWEVER, I want to be sure the problem is diagnosed properly before I go spending 400 dollars on a pump and lifting the bed off the truck.

Any insight on the codes my truck is throwing, and what steps to take to rule out anything else besides the pump? I've got a multimeter to test electrical if needed also.

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