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2008 Truck of The Week (TOTW) - Contest Week #7

Contest Rules:
a. ColoradoFans Site Rules: Click Here
b. Keep posts clean and fair.
c. No spamming outside TOTW contest post!
Spamming posts will be deleted by Moderator(s) and you will be withdrawn from the contest!
d. Advertisement in your Signature is allowed but keep it reasonable. Example: Vote for me in TOTW add link etc...
e. Entries must be a member of Colorado Canyon Fans for at least 3 months and at least 100 posts to qualify!
f. Members who sold/traded their GMT355 truck will be withdrawn from contest.
Exceptions are made for members: Auto Accident, Military services, etc...
g. Inactive members for more than 3 months will be withdrawn from contest.
h. No bogus member accounts for votes. If vote was cast from a bogus account, you will be with drawn from the contest and possible banned.
i. TOTW winner may re-enter TOTW after 1 year (12 months).
j. TOTW winners will be automatically entered in Truck Of The Year (TOTY) contest.
k. Contest STARTS and ENDS every Friday.

Helpful Hints:
a. Post a favorite picture of your truck.
b. Why you want to win.
c. Modifications and future mods?
d. Before you enter TOTW, take some decent pics of your truck and post them in the Video/Photos section.
Let the other members get to know you and your truck! Remember No spamming outside of TOTW.

To Enter TOTW: Click Here

Member: your user name
Make: GMC, Chevy
Model: Canyon, Colorado
Year: 200X
Package: SLE, Extreme
Mods: list your mods
Future Mods: SuperCharger
"Three of your best pictures here with links"
Picture Size should be no more than 800x600, less than 150KB.

2008 TOTW Winners:
Week #1: xtreme07colorado
Week #2: jay_man81
Week #3: yellocolorado
Week #4: Rusty Fox
Week #5: Mr-P
Week #6: bbrownderville

Winners will be posted in “Our Articlesâ€

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get my vote that blue is awesome i wanted blue but got the orange instead
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