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2005 colorado Temperature gauge

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I have a 2005 chevy colorado 4x4 3.5 z71 and I just changed the Thermostat and yet my truck is still sitting at the 3/4 line it used to sit at half . First question is why is it still stilling at 3/4 ?
Second question is anyone know what the temperature for half way mark line and the 3/4 line is in a 2005 chevy colorado?
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This needs to be moved to the 1st gen section, they'll know better than us here in the 2nd gen (2015-up) section.

That said, you need to determine if the gauge is telling the truth or not. Is it actually running hot? Use a laser thermometer on the t-stat housing to see if it's running hot. If it's running normally then the gauge isn't telling the truth, so then you'd want to check the temp sensor.
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