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2005 Chevy Colorado started shaking, then wouldn’t start

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I have a 2005 Chevy Colorado. Recently I had to change the fuel pump. after doing so about a month later, I decided to give it a tuneup. I changed the spark plugs, gave it a new fuel filter, put some injection cleaner in it and I think that may be about it. I also because I thought they were bad changed out the battery terminals. After doing the spark plugs and such about a week later I picked up my dog from my mom‘s house and I thought the car was running fine. on the way back it started shaking, so I pulled into the gas station, turned it off, gave it some gas and put the other bottle of injection cleaner in there like the guy told me to. then it wouldn’t start. I thought maybe I needed oil but I checked the oil, It was fine. after a couple minutes I tried to start it and it started but it was really really rough and the check engine light was blinking. Do you think it could possibly be a bad coil? I went through and checked the spark plugs, and they seemed fine, but I’m not too sure really where to go from here. I’m kind of scared to drive it to go get it scanned because it shakes really bad and there’s not a place really close
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If the check engine light came on, check the codes and report back. Since it was flashing, that means it's a misfire. There could also be other codes present. No way for us to know anything else. Do not drive it. We'd need the codes. I think Napa/Autozone will loan you a scanner, but call to ask. I know they will check codes in their parking lots, but you should not drive it.
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