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2004 Colorado Stock Rim Replacements

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I was wondering what "stock" rims and tires can I use FROM OTHER Chevy or GMC vehicles *with little or No Mods or cuts on my 2004 Chevrolet Colorado Z85 RWD V5 ?
THANKS EVERYONE AND ANYONE. any info is much appreciated :)(y)
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Hummer H3(2006-2010) and gmc canyon (2004-2012) wheels are the only other GM wheels that will bolt up without any modifications

Other GM 1/2 ton truck and suv 6 lug wheels have the same bolt pattern (6x5.5) but the hub bore on the stock wheels is too small. You would have to enlarge the hub bore on all other GM 6x5.5 wheels in order to fit the 2004-2012 colorado... or use wheels spacers
Thanks and much appreciated
Thanks and much appreciated.

Does it change if they are off special models like the Z71 or Zr2
2004-2012 colorado/canyon z71 rims will fit fine

Zr2 only applies to old s10s and 2015+ models. 2015+ colorado/canyon rims have a different lug pattern and are not a direct fit on 2004-2012 models
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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