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'09 Canyon Crew Cab RWD | Rattle from Shift Lever

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Hey guys! First post here.

Came into ownership of a '09 Canyon in March w\ offroad package. Love the thing. 350,000km, but engine and tranny seem to have been very well maintained because it runs like a dream. Very little rust and we live in the salt belt - Ontario, Canada.

I have a few issues, small ones; some small rust spots on the doors and doorsills, rock chips on the hood, the like; some of the seals need to be readhered; but the most annoying issue is my shift lever on the wheel. It feels tensioned properly, but there's a little bit of play; when I hit a bump it makes a rattling sound as it knocks back and forth against it's bump stops. Is there a simple fix for this? I've looked at it briefly but I don't want to take my wheel/dash apart without knowing if it's a simple fix or if I'll need to get some parts. It's my work and personal vehicle.

Aside from that, there's a new knocking sound from the drivers side when I go over bumps. Do the sway bar links go on these things often? Or more likely control arms?

As a final note, any recommendations for tranny coolers? I tow for work, about 2k pounds on a regular basis and sometimes considerably more (up to 4-5k max on some occasions).
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Do the sway bar links go on these things often? Or more likely control arms?
Sway bar links are common to loosen up for sure. I’d check to make sure they are tight before replacing them.

The control arms aren’t really known to fail but the upper control arm bushings are pretty much junk from the factory.
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