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06 Colorado runs bad, clearing codes helps until stop

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I have an 06 Chevy Colorado 2.8,
This truck was running bad when I ended up with it.
It is throwing alot of codes at the moment.
The only code that I have cleared that hasn't came back is the throttle actuator (fixed by replacing the TB)
I tried a bunch of fixes by code but the codes keep coming back.
The first problems were rough idle no power up hills even if I floored the accelerator it would still need downshifted to get up big hills.
It started going into reduced power mode and idle went crazy. (Would restart and run fine after waiting 15 seconds then it would happen again if I downshifted or shifted to 5th gear.)
I have replace the TB, map, maf, cam, crank sensors, checked all wires and connections, oil change, spark plugs, busted out the cat converter, air filter, new hose to valve-cover, tested coils.

Today I cleared codes while driving and the truck immediately leveled out and ran perfect for the first time. It drove perfectly until I got off the highway and came to a stop, that is when the truck started idling crazy and went back to running like garbage.
I cleared the codes several times on my way home with the same great results until I came to a stop.
The codes that are still popping up are,
Poo17- cam/crank correlation c1/b1
Poo30- heater control circuit c1/s1
Po135-o2 sensor b1/s1
Po300- multiple/random cyl misfire
Po449-evap vent valve solenoid circut
Po128- coolant below regulating temp
Poo68- map/maf throttle position correlation
Cleared p1516 by replacing TB.
Has anyone had this problem with clearing the codes and it running perfect until it idled down at a stop?
any help Is greatly appreciated.
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What was the problem with yours mine doing same thing
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