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    Howdy 👋🏻 I just picked up my 2021 Colorado ZR2 last week. I‘ve had Silverados for 15+ years. My lease was coming up and I had a Z71 Long Box on order. With all the uncertainty these days, didn’t want to wait and went with a Satin Steel ZR2 Crew. I work at a dealership and we were having a hard...
  2. For Sale - WTB - Business Sales
    $399 for the set. Fits second gen Colorado. Never installed or otherwise used. Pick up only. Located in Fruita, CO. Transmission Skid Plate (Diesel) Oil Pan Skid Plate Transfer Case Skid Plate Skid Plate Support Bracket Installation Hardware Never
  3. For Sale - WTB - Business Sales
    Make an offer + shipping. I put on a Chevy Performance steel driveshaft and I would like someone to put this to use. Replace your dented one or have a spare. 17, 000 miles on it. I think I bought a mall crawler (which is sweet for me.) I’m in the Salt Lake City area.
  4. For Sale - WTB - Business Sales
    Dealer take off, unused, 2018 Zr2 colorado rock sliders. $840 DEALER PRICE. $420 pick-up only. Houston, Tx.
  5. 2021 GMC Canyon AT4

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    Relentless hybrid, BD lights,
  7. 2nd Gen Chevrolet Colorado Forum / 2015 GMC Canyon
    Hey guys, I'm planning to move to Oregon and I was wondering what vehicle to get next. I currently drive a 2018 Canyon CCLB 4x2. My current commute is 64 miles round trip and my new commute will be 90 miles round trip. My question is: should I get the Ridgeline AWD for my work truck and keep...
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    Stretch it out
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    Looked everywhere for a US Flag decal for my rear window. Asked many local auto vinly shops and they were wanting over $200 to do this. I found xplore offroad and found a "AMERICAN FLAG WINDOW DECALS | TRUCKS & SUVS | UNIVERSAL FIT" for less than 35 bucks. Comes with the tools to cut and smooth...
  11. Zr2 light bar install

    Zr2 light bar install

  12. So it begins

    So it begins

  13. dirtymax


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    2020 ZR2
  15. For Sale - WTB - Business Sales
    All Sold. Please Delete
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  18. For Sale - WTB - Business Sales
    Both Driver and Passenger Genuine OEM Tail Lights. Came off 18 ZR2 with 12k miles GM Part #84630992 All Parts included. Perfectly good working condition. $100 local pickup or drop off only (Staten Island Island, NYC)
  19. For Sale - WTB - Business Sales
    OEM Front and Rear Carpet Floor Mats Came from Crew Cab- ZR2 with 11k miles Front #23464403 Rear #23464411 $75 local pickup only or drop off only (Staten Island, NYC)
  20. New Member Introductions
    Hey All, Looking for any fellow adventurers in the PNW. Hunt, mountain bike, climb, sit by a mountain lake and drink beer. Love my ZR2!