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  1. Diesel
    Hi Off Road fam. My veteran brother and his 2018 Diesel zr2 are missing 23 days in the Utah/Arizona area. Another Chevy Colorado enthusiast recommended your group. #findmattkemper info is all over. There’s a reward. If any off roaders are near Halls Crossing Moab Farmington Utah, please...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi, Found this great looking, low mileage truck online and picked it up on Saturday. Whoever ordered it checked the same boxes I would have and took great care of it. I've still got a couple of things to add, but the Bison package seemed to cover most of the immediate protection needs (other...
  3. 2nd Gen Chevrolet Colorado Forum / 2015 GMC Canyon
    I'm shopping for a Colorado and just curious if the Bison trim is worth the price tag compared to a standard ZR2. I'm loving the look of the black ZR2 but not sure if the Bison pack adds any value besides a couple other parts that I could otherwise buy from a third party parts store. Does anyone...
  4. Marketplace Classifieds
    I'm selling the following items: Stock ZR2 Upper Control Arms (Left and Right Side): Replaced before I bought the truck, so whatever the dealer miles were. Asking for $80 for each $160 for the pair + Shipping. Spare Tire Carrier (PN 84235106): Never used, came with the truck on purchase...
  5. Marketplace Classifieds
    $399 for the set. Fits second gen Colorado. Never installed or otherwise used. Pick up only. Located in Fruita, CO. Transmission Skid Plate (Diesel) Oil Pan Skid Plate Transfer Case Skid Plate Skid Plate Support Bracket Installation Hardware Never
  6. Marketplace Classifieds
    I am looking for 1 or 2 of the wheels that come with the Bison package from Chevy (not the Crestone from AEV), pictured below:
  7. 2nd Gen Chevrolet Colorado Forum / 2015 GMC Canyon
    Hey guys, I'm planning to move to Oregon and I was wondering what vehicle to get next. I currently drive a 2018 Canyon CCLB 4x2. My current commute is 64 miles round trip and my new commute will be 90 miles round trip. My question is: should I get the Ridgeline AWD for my work truck and keep...
  8. 2nd Gen Chevrolet Colorado Forum / 2015 GMC Canyon
    I thought I'd post this since I could not find much information about actual winch installs on the ZR2 Bison, or general information on the ComeUp winch. If you live in a muddy area and wheel keep in mind that the WARN clutch is accessed through the skid plate. This opening acts as a mud scoop...
  9. General Truck Chat
    Anyone seen any press on the ‘21 Bison? I really want a 2.8 Bison and that facelift looks really nice, but I have no idea how the front skid plate/bumper would work with it. Has anyone seen it yet? Is it worth it or should I just settle for a ‘20?
  10. 2nd Gen Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Purchased a new 2019 ZR2 Bison and ordered the Warn 9.5XP-S that AEV designed around. I’m having a hard time finding out if the winch can operate fine on the stock alternator and battery setup or if I need to upgrade one or both. I can’t seem to find the stock battery and alternator specs. I’d...
1-10 of 10 Results